Our Story

How it all started...

The Belle Rive Missionary Baptist Church was organized about the middle of the Nineteenth Century. The church was re-organized in 1889 with approximately 50 members, and built a one-room frame building in 1896.
In 1953, a new building was completed at the present location with an auditorium and classrooms. Work began in 1970 on an addition that included more classrooms and a fellowship hall. In 1980, expansion on the auditorium and additional classrooms was begun. An Outreach Center, which includes a fellowship hall, gym and classrooms was completed and was dedicated October 21, 2007.  We collected the money to pay off this facility in October 2015, we celebrated by a Note Burning Celebration on April 3, 2016.

Expanding the vision...

We are casting a vision of Bible believers through our Sunday School, Small Groups, community and children activities.  We currently are using each of theses tools to bring new believers to a deeper understanding of the command of our God.  The Lord has blessed  us with wonderful facilities that we can do many different ministries, such as sporting events, fellowship and classroom settings.  
We also do many things in our community to show Christ Love, we have food distribution, clothing closet, and a community wide (free) event for a weekend in the fall season.  This even includes a Little Miss Belle Rive pageant, a parade, free bounce houses, games, a tractor show and car show.  Along with a special service on Sunday morning that weekend, with guest music artist and speakers.

Where we are headed...

As we look to the future, BRMBC is focused on intentionality.  As a congregation of believers, we want to be intentional in engaging in our mission and maintaining an externally focused church culture.  Part of that is making sure you feel welcome and have a positive experience while you are here!  As a church body, we want to engage and connect with our community and its members.  We also strive to advance the discipleship journey of our attendees.  We want to make disciples who then go and make disciples!  Ultimately, our vision is to create a community of authentic believers and  witness lives transformed by the reality of the gospel.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together
Sunday Morning
Coffee & Donuts 9:00 am
Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning service 10:30 am